Pawesome Loves This Squirrel

Posted by: on September 14, 2010

Momma squirrel just had a great article written about her over at! Pawesome is a pet website founded by animal lovers Sarah Han and Sonia Zjawinski.

Even though Pawesome usually features stories about cats, dogs, or other actual pets, contributing author Jolene Robichaud found out about the squirrel in the window, and just fell in love.

I love her opening line, “One part ant farm, one part Discovery Channel…” It’s really like that!

Check out the entire article over on Pawesome!

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  1. McGuapp says:

    Whatever it can matter over there in NYC, your story is today on a web photogallery of the one most important italian newspapers, “LaRepubblica”

    well.. lucky guys, if that was happening at my place it would have been much worth than any natural science lesson for my kids.
    Looks like the squirrel lady got somehow the “good vibes” of the yoga activity in the room….

    greetings from Italy!