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Posted by: on September 15, 2010

Wow! In the past few days, the Squirrel in Our Window has been making news around the blogosphere here in the USA, and now in Italy too!

I’m told that the images from the photo gallery are featured today on the website of Italian newspaper “LaRepubblica!”

And many squirrel loving fans have been sending emails to mama squirrel via the contact form on this website!

Here are few of the messages that mama squirrel has received:

Hey, look at this, you are on an Italian newspaper! Congrats for your idea and your love for animals…!!!
— Maria

You are a “Diva” in Italy!
— Gianfranco

Dear Mama,
Wow! I can’t believe how much your babes have grown! They actually look like real squirrels now, not aliens! I miss watching you through the poster board..Now set those babies free and go out and have a good time and meet another foxy squirrel.. (you shouldn’t have any trouble w/ that w/ all of your [yoga] poses you do in between the screens.)
Much Love and good wishes,
— Megan

This made my day. Thank you for being so kind to these adorable and much-maligned creatures.
— Elayne

Hello Mommy Squirrel,

I noticed that you are featured on this website as a single mother. Are daddy squirrels absent from the rearing process?

Thanks! Hope you and your many babies are well, warm and enjoying the start of fall.
— Erin

Please thank your Uncle Kenny and Aunt Michelle for these wonderful pictures!
— Emme

One morning while I was sleeping I felt something jump onto my bed. I looked up thinking it was the cat, and there was a squirrel eating a bag of nuts my husband had left on his side of the bed! He stayed to eat about five minutes until my nursing baby looked over and squealed at him.
— Lolo

These are the cutest pictures I have even seen of baby squirrels. I have a feeder especially for my squirrels that holds 8 ears of dent corn for them. And, when I see my squirrels (sometimes as many as 14 at one time) on my front lawn, I go outside and call them over to me so that I can give them peanuts. Some of these visitors are bold enough to come up on my porch and take the nuts right from my hands while others look on with curiosity at the sight of this gigantic monster (me) handing out peanuts. Others who are new to the area and who have not yet conquered their fear of me receive peanuts as I toss them off of my porch to the awaiting throng below. I would dearly love to touch and hold all of these beautiful creatures, but then I fear that they would begin to loose their natural, and healthy fear of other humans.

I also have tamed the wild rabbits that visit my property to the point that they will allow me to walk to within 1 foot of them while I fill my bird feeders. Some of these rabbits actually run right up to me when another rabbit chases them. The other rabbits (which I suppose are new visitors) are afraid to approach me and my rabbits stay close to me.
— Tim

Dear Monny Squirrel,
I have enjoyed looking at the pictures and videos of you and your little babies. You are a wonderful mother and take such good care of your babies. You did such a wonder job finding such a nice safe home for your families.

When I lived in my house I had a feeder in the kitchen window and loved watching your relatives come and sit on my window sill to eat.
Hope you find a good nut supply to stash for the winter,
— Shern

I am quite fond of squirrels, and just love this. Thank you for providing the world with something few people ever get to see!
— Heather

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