More Email For the Squirrel

Posted by: on September 16, 2010

Mama Squirrel (and I) have received more emails!

This first one below is our favorite so far!

I am a dog. As a dog, I am very interested in squirrels. Can you suggest to me a good way to invite my backyard squirrels down from their lofty wire perches and branches so I can get a closer look at them? So far, I’ve tried the whiney pleeeese, the low come-hither and the sharp attention-getting achtung, yet strangely, these all seem to repel the little things. Would you help a nice old Doberman who only wants to be friends?

Thank you.

[My emails are sent by my human, who is a group exercise instructor now specializing in Zumba. She drives me crazy, but I love her still.]
— Sydney

Hi Mommy Squirrel!
I volunteer at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I LOVE squirrels! I help the baby squirrels who are injured or orphaned. I’m so glad that you take such good care of your babies. You’re a much better squirrel mommy than I am (although I try). Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi!

— Kristin

Dear Mommy Squirrel,
My own mother just sent me a link to this website all about you and your children! Your kids are so adorable. My neighborhood is filled with squirrels, but I have never seen baby ones. How amazing. Congratulations. Love,
— Elise

Greetings from Italy and thanks for rispettto of nature and animals.
— Marina

Kenneth and Michelle, thank you for being so kind to a little squirrel and her babies. People like you make me have faith in the world again! Much love to Mommy Squirrel.
— Myra

I am quite fond of squirrels, and just love this. Thank you for providing the world with something few people ever get to see!
— Heather

Hi there,
Just found your website through a post on, and I think it’s adorable! My boyfriend and I love watching the squirrels in our neighbourhood (we live in Calgary, Canada). My boyfriend is actually from New Zealand and they don’t have squirrels there, and since moving to Canada he has become absolutly fascinated by squirrels! So I had to send him the link to this website. Very cool… such a great website too (but what else would I expect from a Web Developer?!). Thanks!
— Jennie

This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing, and doing it so well.
— James

You’re wonderfull, squirrels, and humans too! it was lovely to end my working day reading of you on Repubblica and looking at your blog. love and kisses from milan!
— Paola

very very compliments for your fantastic experience. Thank you for your photos. Bye.
— Fabio

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