Squirrel Emails Part 3

Posted by: on September 18, 2010

Mama squirrel has been getting lots of email! Here’s more of what people have been saying:

Dear Miss Squirrel,
Being a single mother is tough at the best of times, living on a window sill would make it even tuffer. Tell the nice people on the other side of the window, “nice job on the photo’s of your progress.”
Thank you.
— Sydney

Your cousins are very busy down here in Atlanta. They are working the giant Oak tree in our backyard. If you can text them or something, please tell them to chew the acorns instead of dropping the especially big ones on my car.

— Andy

Squirrels Needed

I am a squirrel lover. At our first house, I had many squirrels who brought their babies on their backs, ran up our trees, and ate the corn and nuts I put out. These squirrels grew up, brought their babies, and so on and so on. Then, we moved away. Before I sold the house I told every person who looked at our home that there were many squirrels and I would not sell if they were going to trap them or not feed them. I sold to a very nice single gentleman who also loved squirrels and I left numerous bags of nuts for his first month in the house. At our new home, we have no squirrels — the community is only 6 years old, and our trees are still small and very young. I look for squirrels every day, watch every tree, and just wait. We do have one chipmunk who we feed, so maybe he will spread the word. Please know that you can send your baby squirrels to me and I will love and take care of them — after our trees get bigger. God bless you for taking the time and having the patience to let this miracle take place time and time again.

Lucy and Charlie

If there were more “squirrel people” maybe our planet wouldn’t be in the shape it is. More people should take the time to watch the squirrels antics and laugh at them once in awhile. If you ever need any peanuts or corn for all your babies, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Maybe one day I will have my own squirrels in my back yard once again. I’ll be watching and waiting every day. Three cheers to you!!! Lucy and Charlie are also waiting and watching for new friends.
–Ann (Lucy and Charlie too)

I was mom to a beautiful little squirrel who was tossed out of her nest when she was about 30 days old. She has grown into a young mother with her second litter. It was a great treat for me to see what is probably going on with my little girl’s family since her nest is high up in a tree and I can’t see inside. It is good for me to think that she has her own family now and I believe a good mother. She does still come by and sit on my shoulder an eat nuts regularly.
— Sandra

I love this – How awesome that you both get to see it up close.
— JC

Thanks so much for letting her raise her babies outside your window !!

We have a minimum of three dreys in our trees and regularly part of one falls down right into the pond underneath (one time with squirrel, and yes, she can swim, too!). She just rebuilds it and re-uses it :) but we never got to see whats going on inside, so thanks so much for sharing !

— Annette, near San Francisco, CA

As a veteran squirrel rehabilitator, I have to commend you on your excellent website. This is educational material of the best sort and great fun, besides.
— Anita

We have rehabbed 2 separate squirrels.
The first one died at about 8 months of age. Several weeks later, we found the squirrel we now have with us. They were in two totally different places but both showed up after a night of very strong winds. We found Filbert a yr. ago in September and he looked to be about 6-7 weeks old at the time. He had fallen from his nest and was about to become a plaything for a local cat. We raised him on a slurry of puppy replacement milk mixed with strained baby fruits and rice cereal made for infants. Baby squirrels love this mixture and thrive on it. We gave it to him from a dosing syringe with a large tip until he was able to enjoy solid foods. He is strong and sweet and active. Unfortunately, his release time would have been mid-winter when there was no chance he could have survived. So Filbert is with us for the duration. He has a really large cage and I take him out every day into the house for play times. We adore the little guy and give him the best of natural foods we find outside and also give him primate biscuits a rehab site highly recommends. He loves his fruits, nuts, berries and veggies, too. We LOVE your pictures of these beautiful creatures. What a delight! Thank you for sharing with us!
— Christine

hey, mommy! :)

what a wonderful site your friends kenny & michelle have created!!

i was wondering how you got food all those days when you needed to feed the babies, but couldn’t leave them alone… or did you just stock up before that, and live through it?

just wondering–hope your latest kids are doing well!

— jeri

Dear Mommy Squirrel,
How did you lose the baby weight? What do you think of the merits of homeschooling vs. public or private schools? Are organic nuts expensive? Please advise.
— Michelle

Thanks for this beautiful lesson of Love
— Manuela

Came across your site via a friend’s F’book post.
Last year, my neighbor in Jersey City found an orphaned baby squirrel in his yard. For some reason, he brought it to my house. My fiance immediately fell in love, started referring to the squirrel as his son, and named him Seymour the Survivor. As much as it broke our hearts, we knew that bringing him to a wildlife rehabilitator was the right thing to do. We called it Squirrel College but it didn’t make it any easier for us. We still miss him and hope he’s doing well out there. Your pictures warmed our hearts.

— Two empty nesters

LOVE the pics and videos! Isn’t nature wonderful and amazing??
Be well,
— Jackie

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