Squirrel Emails Part 4

Posted by: on September 21, 2010

Thanks for sending all of these great messages to the squirrel!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to share the squirrels! Yea I think they are just tree rats too but they are darned cute. It is a wonderful opportunity you were given to witness the beauty of motherhood.I used to raise Great Danes and I loved the whole experience from the pregnancies all the way through to watching to pups grow up and become aware of the world-one thing at a time!
— Kathy

what an adorable website and those squirrels are the cutest things i have ever seen. I love squirrels! so furry and sweet. what a great thing to have this kind of intimate access- i am sure it has made you think about squirrels a little differently. anyway, thanks for putting this on the web- its a great story, and the pics are amazing.
— Kimberle

My daughter Erika found your website and I have come to check it out. I’m a mother of 5, Erika, my 1st born, will be 39 this December!

This is delightful! I loved watching your squirrel mom and the loving care and attention she gives her little ones. I love how they were all over her and how she slept nursing them. I have spent hours and hours doing the same, but we always had a lot more space than she and her babies. Thanks for the great job you have done in sharing this sweet experience that you have been blessed to see through your apartment window.
— Charlotte

Great story and a site that is so nice to look at and friendly, great work. Thanks for sharing.
— Alain

Dear Mrs. Sqirl,
What is it like to see these sqirls grow up and be big kids? What kind of nuts do you eat? Other than nuts what do you eat anything else?
— Courtney

I have been a fan of squirrels for years! What a wonderful experience you have shared with all of us, I got chills watching the videos. Every winter lots of red and gray squirrels find their way to my patio door, they have spread the word that I am an easy touch for peanut butter sandwiches! Even though we have had 9 removed from our attic (and one baby in a wall) I still find them so cute and entertaining I can’t stop feeding them! Thank you for sharing such a neat experience!
— Peggy

The pictures you have posted are amazing. I can only offer my congratulations to you and the squirrels. Keep up the good work and if you obtain additional pictures, please send them along.
— Phil

Hey Mama Squirrel :-)

Three family in a ‘fire exit’ window ! That’s a pretty good job !

I’m a web designer too, found of squirrels since I was (I am ?) a kid. I guess that’s pretty not hazardous if today, I’m working with a free open source CMS (SPIP) which symbol is… a squirrel ! You guessed it well :-D

But I’m sure you, as a lil’ mom of three, don’t give a damn of webdesign or so called CMSs so I’m not bothering you longer with this but… just as an advice, your nearest neighboor seems to be a WordPress user… beware of those guys, there are so strange :-D

See you later, squirrel lover !
— Loiseau

Thank you for sharing this with the world. As a wildlife rehabber I enjoyed it so much. Just rescued 24 baby squirrels in the month of August so I am very partial to squirrels. You are so luck to be able to enjoy this. What a treat and the squirrel was lucky to pick your home as hers. God Bless.
— Carol

I found your website on my niece, Lizzie Siegel’s Facebook page. How fascinating to watch mommy and her many broods grow up. I have never seen a squirrel nest before and I really enjoyed the piictures.
— Amanda

Many thanks for this incredible documentation!

Years ago, in the 1970’s, 2 baby squirrels were tossed to the ground in a storm at our house in Houston, Texas. Eyes open, but far from able to care for themselves. One had a broken back and was unable to move his hind quarters – both stunned badly. We never saw the mother and after watching a while, put them in a box with bedding and into my station wagon, as we had 6 cats in the house.

I raced to the phone and got in touch with a former Zoo Vet, who indeed had a squirrel formula on file. Thus began 3 weeks of eyedropper feedings every 3 hours, 24 hours a day, in the station wagon. And for Fritzl, our lame one, daily physical therapy and massage for over a year. He did happily regain some movement in his legs, but mostly scooted around, developing very muscular upper body strength and could climb me and the sides of his cage we made for him. Sadly the apparent healthy boy, Thomas we found suddenly dead in his cage at about 1 year, but Fritzl lived in our home for 6 years.

We had many adventures, he was sweet and loving, intelligent, curious and inventive. A lot of work too, but I learned much from him. His diet was primarily sunflower seeds and pecans, didn’t care for acorns much, but adored watermelon, rose petals and fresh picked blackberries.

Thank you for continuing to share your window and documenting their family life.
— Sandra

Please excuse my presumptuousness, but someone told me to check out your site and I wanted to tell you I thought your shots (and story) as well as you taking the time to share it all is really great.

I’ve sent you over a link to a couple of my rodent stories… comments are not being solicited, just thought you might like the read if you have some free time. A lot of litter © by adrian
— Adrian

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